About Me

Randy began playing music at the age of 12. His father bought a $10 guitar and the life of a starving artist was born.
Playing in local band throughout high school, the need for brighter lights took him to Los Angeles at 18.
After 5 years, many bands, and poor music label representation, a tattered soul headed back home to lick his wounds.
Pouring his soul back in to a new music scene, sleeping on a park bench just to wake up with a guitar in his hands seemed the way to go.
After receiving a letter from the I.R.S and receiving word that there was a child on the way, like any good man, a real job had to be created.
Now after many sheets of drywall, yes drywall, and many shakin’ martini’s this tattered soul from the past is still rockin!
Have fun and stay happy!